An Epiphany About Awakening

When you’re creating in a dream there’s a ratio that must be balanced between conscious creation and subconscious creation. If you become too conscious, you’ll wake up, and if your subconscious takes too much control, you’ll forget that you’re dreaming.

To keep a lucid dream balanced and strong, the ratio you want to be at is around 1% conscious and 99% subconscious. The objective is to wisely use your mental efforts and manage your conscious thoughts. Although you’re always consciously creating, in order to keep yourself asleep, you just want each thought to have as much influence as possible with little mental effort.

Let’s say you want something and it’s going to take you 100 steps to achieve it. To keep the ratio balanced, you have to create in a way that only involves taking 1 conscious step that can allow your subconscious to do the other 99 steps on its own. This is done in the dream world with an expectation and/or an intention.

For example: If your intent is to explore a city, you’re going to want your subconscious to “fill in as may blanks” as possible, or do 99% of the work. All you need to do is have an expectation of what you want the city to look and feel like when you’re there. So, instead of trying to visualize individual buildings and creating from scratch, you give your mind an expectation of a finished city and begin walking around as if you’re already in it. Although a city seems massive and need a lot of conscious effort to create due to its magnitude, it doesn’t. It’s requires the same amount as creating a rock. All you need is the expectation of the finished product.

After the first creation however, things get difficult in a dream, because you’re able to “see” your thoughts and lack of thoughts. Once you’re walking through your city and having fun, you still have to keep 1% of your conscious mind controlling your actions and/or environment, otherwise you forget you’re in control of everything and fall into an endless storyline like any other “normal” dream. But, if you control too much, your city will start to fade, or you’ll wake up, because your subconscious won’t be able to fill in enough blanks since your conscious mind is overlapping its outcome in the overall reality. This is what I meant by “seeing” your thoughts. You’re able to see how much less your conscious mind can do when compared to your subconscious. Your dream will start to get “smaller” or more distorted. This also creates a cycle that can completely collapse the dream because as soon as you realize you’re becoming too conscious, you could panic, and become even more conscious, and wake up.

I bring this up because it shows how weird lucid dreaming is and how everything about them is sort of a paradox. The more you think, the less you control. The less you control, the more you can create. It’s as if everything imaginable is possible at every moment, including doubt and hesitation. This makes it hard to do things, because every thought has just as much power as any other regardless of what it is. Because it’s you creating them, it’s also hard to filter through your emotions, live through the dream, and have spontaneous fun while still controlling the world. Even when you don’t think you’re controlling the dream, you still are, and even when you think you’re in control of everything, you’ll never really understand how or why.

It makes you wonder if this is what’s going on in our waking lives. Maybe, everyone is simultaneously in control of everything yet we’re always allowing 99% of everything else to “fill in the blanks” without ever realizing how much 1% of creative control can really do. It makes you wonder again if this is by accident or by universal law.

Maybe this is what all the spiritual gurus and ancient scriptures were trying to explain with “enlightenment” and “awakening.” Because, if this were true in our walking lives, we could go the opposite direction with our consciousness. Rather than trying to keep ourselves asleep and keep our conscious awareness and control at 1%, we could increase it, thus allowing ourselves to wake up in “the great beyond” or whatever/wherever we’d wake up into. This would also mean the only thing holding us back from truly God-like abilities would be doubt and hesitation.


Lucid Dreaming “Lessons”


There have been many occasions in which I asked for guides or called out for “Gods” within my dream worlds. I did this almost strictly to learn universal mysteries. For example, I once saw a YouTube video in which the host of the video claimed it was impossible to call the name “Jesus Christ” within a dream, and also claimed lucid dreaming was a sure way to practice “evil.” I realized after watching the video, that out of all the famous names I’d ever asked to converse with, I’d never attempted to do so with any Christ figures. That night, I gave it a try and called out in my dream, “Jesus Christ! I want to find Jesus Christ!” The next moment was quite alarming and unexpected because I immediately became surrounded by black dogs (mostly the size of Labradors but I can’t remember the exact breeds). They weren’t aggressive or growling, but I felt they were menacing. It wasn’t just a few dogs; it was closer to a hundred of them. They then ran at me at full speed which startled me until they jumped and licked on me playfully. After a few moments of this, I felt happy and extremely excited; I rolled around on top of them and laughed as if I were “crowd surfing” on top of all these black dogs. The excitement was too much actually, because I soon woke up.

Below are a few of my most personal “lesson dreams,” because I was either guided by a seemingly “higher being” or came out of the dream with a lesson that changed my perception of life.

The Mermaid

I call her the mermaid because upon wake up, it was the only word I could think to describe her. This was the word I wrote down in my dream journal. After remembering more though, I realized she didn’t have any form at all. All I knew was she was female, and she was beautiful in my mind, and another word I had written down for her description was “transparent.”

Although I can’t remember my intentions in the dream, or where I was, I remember being alone and in a sort of private lesson with the mermaid. She asked me a lot of questions; deep paradoxical questions. At a certain point, she asked me to put my hand through her. I tried to put my hand through her torso in the chest area. As I did so, my hand got stuck inside of her even though she was still transparent and I could see my hand. It was trapped there and I became afraid. She then said, “You hesitated,” and my hand then was released. I remember her explaining to me all the answers to the questions she asked before, and the main lesson was, “Never question your own creative power or intention, or you will collapse the creation.”

Note: I’ve thought about this dream a lot because soon after it happened, I described it to a friend of mine who was a fellow meditator and a fan of history. He told me that the mermaid I had described perfectly matched an ancient mythological Goddess. Not just her transparent unknown figure, but also her lessons in creative power. After some research of his description, I believe he may have been referring to Eidothea, a “shapely goddess” and daughter of a shape-shifting sea God.

Also, her points on hesitation are something I think about regularly and apply to my waking life. If you question your goals and intentions, you’ll collapse the path to their fruition.

The Ancient Egyptian

In my early 20s I had lucid dreams less and less often due to constant partying. After going a whole year without a single memorable lucid dream, I decided to take a week off from partying and work on having an epic one again. At the very end of the week, it happened, and it still shakes me to this day.

The lucidity had a typical start of me flying through clouds and allowing myself to root deeper into the dream. Upon landing, my first intent was to create a woman to “bang.” I wanted someone completely new and I had no idea what I was looking for, so I did the “look away” method of looking behind me, then back in front of me again, with the intention of seeing a beautiful woman when I turned back around. If the woman wasn’t to my liking, I’d look away again, then turn back ready for a new option. After doing this around 20+ times, I finally found “the one.” She was perfect. A true beauty with exceptional and unique features including dark skin and brightly colored blue eyes. I don’t know why, but in my mind, she appeared “ancient Egyptian.”

Then, as soon as I reached to touch her, she shrunk, and I found myself holding a young girl. It was the same person, but she had devolved into the age of around 7 or 8. I was so thrown off by it that I let go of her and became angry. Of course, my original intentions were gone, and feeling responsible for the girl’s existence, I felt the need to do something with the girl, and not just leave her alone in the dream. So, I asked her, “What do you want to do?” After no response, which is common from many dream characters, I decided to take her flying. “Do you want to fly? Where do you want to go?” She didn’t respond once again, but she did grab my hand, as if agreeing to fly around.

Up we went. We soared over trees and endless landscapes until I looked down to ask her if she was ready to land… but she was gone. My first thought was, “Oops, I dropped her.” But knowing that it was a dream, I knew she couldn’t have been hurt, and I felt relieved. I was relieved that she was ok, and relieved that she was no longer my responsibility. I could now get back to my original intentions of “banging.”

I landed again; this time on a beach. I was out of patience for creating a girl from scratch, so I just began looking for a woman on the beach. It was a crowded beach and finding the right woman was tough, because I was getting swarmed and pushed around by the crowd. Like many times in the dream world, I started to get frustrated knowing my frustration was only adding to the struggle of finding a “mate.” After the struggle became too much, I prepared to jump up into the air and fly away… until someone called my name. My full name. First, middle, and last. Nobody in the waking world calls me by my full name, not even my parents, so it caught my attention.

I searched around looking for the caller and after pushing through the crowd, I found her. It was the woman I created, all grown up again to the age I had created her. She was smiling and appeared amused which made me happy and excited. Suddenly the crowd on the beach had disappeared and it was just me and the woman. “Do you want to fly?” she asked as she grabbed my wrist. I was flabbergasted and unsure of how to respond. She laughed and pulled me into the air. I watched her in awe as we flew around and just before I woke up, she looked into my eyes and said, “Now you’re in my dream.”

Note: This dream to me is not proof that you can joint lucid dream, but that it’s still “you” in there, and your intentions can be changed by dream characters.


I once called out to God, but no one arrived and nothing notable happened. At a different time, though, I was confronted by a being that in my mind was Him, or at least a divine creator. Our encounter was quick, and my memory is fuzzy on the details, but what I remember goes something like this:

I was walking next to a man; a silent but powerful man. I don’t remember what he looked like except for the fact that he had well-defined muscles and was around my height. I asked him to show me “love.” The next thing I knew, he grew to the size of a skyscraper or maybe even taller, and I was standing on his shoulder. Then out of his eyes came “beams of light,” and out of those beams, the physical environment of a world was created at a speed impossible to describe. It was as if his eyes were “suns” and whatever they shined upon created life. I watched trees and mountains grow over the period of millennia within a few seconds. An entire physical environment seemed to grow out of the light and as soon as the environment was close enough to touch, it was gone. As everything came into form, we moved past it all and continued forward. It was like we were walking on a planet that took form and grew as we walked through it, and as soon as we were through it, it was gone. I don’t remember what happened next, but I do know that no words were ever spoken.

Note: At the time I had this dream I was reading a lot of supposed channeling translations. One of them was “The Ra Material” in which the channeled entity described pure creation as “Logos,” which can translate as God’s intent and is another word for “Love.” This more than likely was my interpretation of how the physical process of planetary creation would look.

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