All Hotels Are Haunted

1408_50Before I explain this, I’ll first let you know that:

Some Hotels Are Filled with Whores

I want you to imagine the front desk area of a nice four-star hotel. It’s not your typical well known brand name hotel, but it’s of the same cleanliness, smell, tone, and familiarity. You booked your room through a very popular online travel website and you booked it at a price that wasn’t outrageous but almost too good to be true. So, you’re at the front desk and you hand the front desk agent your credit card information and your passport. She smiles and asks, “How are you?” Just like any nice front desk girl would do. Then something catches your attention out of the corner of your eye. On the couches in the large open lobby, are young, very attractive, half-naked girls. They’re not sitting on the couches but rather rolling around on them, laughing, and massaging each other on them. They fill up the whole lobby. They’re having the time of their lives and they’re the only guests there. No men. Strictly hot young women. Then, as you look back at the front desk agent who is now asking you to follow her as she personally takes you to your room, you notice that she’s not wearing any pants, but rather just a swimsuit bottom. When you get to your room, the entire back wall is a mural of a naked woman. Suddenly, it all starts to make sense why the room you booked may have been so cheap, had such good reviews, and also had rooms available by the hour.

This happened to me in Bangkok, Thailand. I stayed there for two nights. Other than the fact that my bathroom was all glass doors, it was a perfectly nice stay. I was never pressured to “bang” anyone or even told that it was an option, but it didn’t take long for me to piece together all the clues. I enjoyed my stay but this may have been a little awkward for a family.

All Hotels Are Haunted

To quote 1408 (possibly the greatest hotel horror film below The Shining), “Hotels are a naturally creepy place…Just think, how many people have slept in that bed before you? How many of them were sick? How many…died?” I’m not trying to get too metaphysical here but rooms hold more than just objects. It doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not, some crazy stuff happens in a room that different people sleep in every night and none of them call it home. How many people do you know who suddenly get sick when they’re on vacation? It’s not necessarily that they caught a sickness or that their body doesn’t adjust well to new places, it could be something else. Hotels are a hub for thousands of uncomfortable vacationers. That discomfort resonates.

Now, let’s think about people who stay in hotels in general. Mostly innocent travelers, and then a few people at a rough time in life, and then probably some crazies who could be doing anything from planning their own suicide to trafficking sex. Even though most people you know are nice and normal at home, they might change when they’re in a transitional period or traveling. Now add in all the freaks and the criminals; the odds are not in your favor that everyone staying in your hotel had good intentions while there. Bedrooms that aren’t loved like a home are often treated badly. Even though rooms don’t have feelings, the people in them do and those people leave remains. I’m not talking about dirt or anything physical, but more like an aura. That aura lingers and hotel rooms are like a petri dish of every aura that’s ever entered it. Point being, chances are something dark happened in your hotel room and the room will always know what it was.