How To Get Cheap International Flights

I’m not sure if 3 months before on a Tuesday is always right but I know it’s true for the most part. Around 3 months before I was trying to go to Asia a friend of mine found tickets to South Korea for 450 USD and we bought them right away. I’ve never seen lower than that. From there it was between 100 to 300 to almost anywhere in Southeast Asia. I ended up going to over 5 countries over the course of 2 months and spent less than 1000 USD on plane tickets total.

Alesia's Affordable Adventures

Yes. The secret formula exists. It is true.

After researching and researching and researching a kajillion articles on Google, Pinterest and Facebook I read multiple different answers to the question “When are international flights the cheapest?” It was frustrating. So I tested it myself.

I used Expedia to help me with this – they compare hundred of flights to find you the cheapest and fastest route for you. All the articles said, “6 months before your trip! 2 months before your trip! 6 weeks before your trip!” I didn’t know who to believe. I didn’t want to risk to buy my ticket at the 6 month price only to find out it’s cheaper at 2 months.

Here’s what I learned: I stumbled upon some great information from an article on Pinterest one day. (I wish I could find it but it’s hidden somewhere deep in the internet haha) That the…

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